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Suicide: The internal killer
Killing yourself is not the answer!

If this is an emergency...

In case of an emergency, leave your computer and dial 1-877-438-4338 immediately

  ...leave this website and leave your computer now and immediately dial 911 on any telephone.  To speak to someone regarding the subject of suicide, call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433).  
Please don't make any bad decisions

NOTICE: Have no illusions, this website and specific page are "NOT" created by or maintained by a medical professional of any type or kind.  All information provided is only offered as unofficial reference.  Any form within this website is made available ONLY for non-medical purposes.  No professional medical advice of any kind is offered in any way, shape or form.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention     Suicide Prevention -
Teen Advice On-Line
Suicide is not the answer!     Life Line
Coming out of the dark - A message from a survivor.     Coming out of the dark

If you suspect someone is considering suicide, click below for info about what symptoms to look for:

American Psychiatry Association - Suicide information
American Psychiatry
Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program
Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program -

Choose Life

David Scott Deere - January 25, 1976 - December 27, 2000


Click here to consider
a short essay about life

Click here to consider a short essay about life


If youíre thinking about something drastic like suicide, take a few deep breaths and read on.

In the past Iíve considered what you might be thinking because of things that appeared to be impossible, self doubt, pressure to succeed, financial uncertainty, confusion and things that seem too painful to continue.

Despite what it seems like, itís not as bad as you think, most likely.

Suicide is not the answer to your problems, and it will never be.

In fact, it'll only create a myriad of problems for your family and friends.

Extreme mental and psychological pressure is normal among humans and you can expect it to happen again several times (or more) in the future.

So, pushing past what ever it is that put you where you are now is critical.

You CAN push past those thoughts!

Itís not easy and it may take longer than you want, but trust me, youíll be glad you did.

An anonymous author writes: "It is better to have experienced love than to have never been exposed."

Now, that may seem irrelevant, but thereís a parallel that can be applied.

There are many things you have probably never experienced yet, regardless of your age.

Think about it, what are the things you thought of as a child?  Have you done any of them yet?  If so, think of some new things and do them.  Make a list and do what you need to do to make them become a reality.

Everyone has things they hate in their life and there are things that they love too.

Overcome and adapt.  Rest in the things you like and pursue those things.

Find what you perceive as your higher power.

If you follow through with your thoughts (suicide), youíre making a public statement that you donít trust those who love you (family and friends).

If you believe in a higher power (i.e. God), youíre also telling him/her that you donít trust him/her either.

Suicide is the one most selfish act a person can commit.

Think about what you're doing.

Some survivors of (attempted) suicide say they're glad they didn't succeed because they immediately thought of all the things they could have done in their lifetime.

Think of all the things you'll miss.

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Events
  • Goals
  • The next super bowl
  • That special sunset
  • The sound of rain hitting the roof
  • Your next trip in a plane
  • A clear and starry night
  • The smell just after it rains
  • River rafting
  • The buzz of a bee
  • The peace of a trickling creek
  • That trip to the South Pacific
  • The smell of a pine or eucalyptus forest
  • The color of a flower on a warm spring day
  • The next World Series
  • The Academy Awards
  • Dancing to your favorite song
  • Doing all your favorite things


Another author writes: "I would rather err trying than not trying at all."

That is to say, It's worth going for the things in life that matter, that have a purpose and are morally and ethically sound.

If you don't go for the things you want in life (other than suicide), you're making a mistake.  Go for what other's say is impossible and prove them wrong.

Just remember, suicide is not an option!  It's actually an option, but it's not a sound option.  Only the failures choose suicide.  You don't have to fail. 

You decide whether you win, so choose to win.  Choose life.

Think about it.  You'll be glad you didn't follow through with suicide later, trust me, a survivor.

Remember one thing, asking for help is a natural human reponse.  It's not a sign of anything but wisdom and is considered admirable.

Below are things to consider that should help you to cope with thoughts of suicide:


Spend time with family and friends. Get involved with after-school activities.
Volunteer your services because everyone has a lot to offer. Think and plan your future.   Set realistic goals.
Try to be open with your feelings. Write your feelings and thought in a journal or diary.
Read books & subjects that encourage you. Laugh!  keep your sense of humor!
Consider the importance of spirituality in your life. Accept otherís thanks, compliments toward you, and praise for you.
Eat right! Exercise regularly.
Don't tolerate physical, emotional, or sexual abuse from anyone.  Get help immediately! Seek help if you feel overwhelmed or troubled.
Give more than you receive. Help others and watch what happens in your life - you feel better about yourself.






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