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Flagstaff Lava River Cave
Lava Tubes - Northern AZ

Flagstaff lava tubes (river cave) QR Code
GPS Coordinates:
N 35° 20' 32"
W 111° 50' 07"




Approximately nineteen miles (+/- 45 minutes) from city hall in downtown Flagstaff, AZ, the lava river tube is an unusual cave in that the entry is a great hole in the ground and not a great (door) opening like other caves.

The cave is about 3/4 mile long and there is only one way in and one way out.

There are man-made steps out of lava rocks for visitors to enter, so entrance is not as hard as it may seem


The Northern Arizona Lava River Cave opening
(Flagstaff, AZ - image from the outside of cave)

A descriptive map of the area

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maps of the area

A map of the forest area

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forest details and GPS info

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friendly directions

A picture looking out from the inside of the lava cave

Click here for a picture inside
the lava river cave (lava tube)

The IP Home page: Click here for your area forecast.

Local time & weather for
Flagstaff, Arizona - USA

Learn about how lava caves are formed here Learn how lava river caves
are formed. Click here

A monsoon over Flagstaff, AZ - 1998

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of Flagstaff, Arizona and the
surrounding areas

Flagstaff lava tubes (lava river cave) history

Below are two webcams of the Flagstaff area

Northern Arizona University (NAU) Walkup Dome webcam

An up-to-the-minute image of the Flagstaff, Arizona area through this webcam



Be sure to consider the following:

  • No facilities for 15+ miles in every direction (40+ mins away)
  • No rest rooms
  • No food service
  • No gas stations
  • No medical help
  • No cell phone reception
  • Some rocks are sharp and slippery
  • Operated by the Flagstaff Ranger District - (928) 526-0866
  • Open year-round (expect snow in winter)
  • Travel time from Flagstaff approx. 45 minutes
  • Dirt road access
  • Overnight camping permitted beginning 1 mile away from cave
  • Difficulty level: Easy to intermediate
  • Please pack out everything you pack in (no trash cans)
  • Limited parking
  • There is only one way in and one way out
  • The cave is roughly 3/4 of a mile long and will take the average group about 20-30 minutes to get to the end (60 minutes round trip without stopping)
  • Expect  to duck in some parts of the cave
  • Pets are to be on a leash at all times
  • No wheel chair access
  • Report anyone defacing the cave immediately - (928) 526-0866
  • Coconino County National Forest official web page


  • Flashlight for everyone going + one extra (just in case)
  • Closed hard-sole sturdy shoes for everyone (no sandals)
  • Water (not soda, coffee, alcohol--water!)
  • Warm clothes (35° to 45° Fahrenheit inside cave year round)
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Plenty of gas in vehicle
  • Travel food
  • Camera


Directions to the Flagstaff
Lava River Cave (Lava Tubes):

Printer friendly directions
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From Interstate 17

  • Take the Milton Rd. Exit North (toward peaks).  Follow signs to Hwy 180. 
  • Turn North toward peaks (which is left) on Humphreys St. 
  • Then follow the directions below titled "From downtown."

From Interstate 40

  • Take the E. Butler Ave. Exit and turn West. 
  • Turn right (North toward the peaks) on San Francisco St. 
  • Turn left (West) on Route 66 (a.k.a. W. Santa Fe Avenue). 
  • Then follow the directions below titled "From downtown."

From Route 66

  • Take route 66 toward the Flagstaff downtown area
  • Then follow the directions below titled "From downtown."


From downtown

  • GPS Coordinates for the parking lot of the Flagstaff Lava Tubes
  • Head North (toward the peaks) on "Humphreys St." (which is Hwy. 180). 
  • Take Humphreys St. almost to the end and turn left at "Fort Valley Rd." to stay on HWY 180. NOTE: If you turn left, it's "Fort Valley Rd. If you turn right, it's W. Columbus Ave. You'll be heading toward the Grand Canyon (keep your eyes pealed for the signs).
  • Take "Fort Valley Rd." approximately 13.7 miles to 100 feet just past mile marker number "230." 
  • At this point, set your vehicle's odometer to zero (You will refer to this spot as your point of reference later).
  • Turn left at forest service road (fire road) #245.
  • Take that dirt road (which is regularly maintained in non-winter months) for 2.8 miles.
  • Then, make a left at the end of the road (the "T"). Take that dirt road for 1.1 miles.
  • When your odometer reads 3.9 miles from the point of reference, turn left (you should see a sign - as of Winter 2004).
  • Take this road for 0.2 of a mile to the parking spots where your final odometer reading should be 4.1 miles from Hwy 180 (the point of reference).


Lava river cave (lava tubes) - Flagstaff, AZ



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