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Definition of Hidalgo
By: Chris Czach Hidalgo


The meaning of HIDALGO:

(NOT  Hildago, Hilgado or Hilagdo-- note the spelling)
Click here for the official Hidalgo Coat Of Arms

Other ways of spelling the surname HIDALGO include: Hedalgo, Hidalgoe, Hidalgow (all of Spanish descent). Fidalgo is the same family name descending from Portugal.

The first evidence of the surname HIDALGO was found in Asturias, an important Christian kingdom of medieval Spain.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Early migrants to the New World included Bartolome Hidalgo who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1534 and Juan Hidalgo who settled in Peru between 1578-1580 with his wife and son.

1.  Originally a surname in Spain - translated meaning "Hijo de algo," ("son of something").

2.  noun; A title for a Spanish nobleman of secondary royalty.

3. Nobel one.

Hidalgo is a term designating the lowest degree of Spanish nobility, a rank above the ordinary gentry but below the great lords. The status was granted either directly from the crown (hidalgo de carta) or was inherited through birth (hidalgo de sangre). The term was known as early as the 12th century.

The prolonged warfare to re-conquer Spain from the Moors especially necessitated the continuous expansion of this knightly class. Although it did not have any political importance, the rank gave its members privileges such as use of the title Don and considerable exemption from taxation.

The "hidalgo" is a familiar character in Spanish literature, often being portrayed as a vagabond knight.

Hidalgo is commonly used in Mexico to name mountains, lakes, rivers, streets, cities, counties and a state. The name is also used for counties, cities and streets in the U.S. including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Illinois.

Miguel Hidalgo (a Catholic Priest) is considered the liberating founding father of Mexico - guaranteeing the freedom of all Mexicans from Spanish rule.  His name, to the people of Mexico, is the equivalent of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln to the people of the United States of America.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo between Mexico and the United States reserves the rights of Mexican immigrants to a fair assimilation into the U.S.  For more information, click here.

"Hidalgo": A block-buster action adventure movie by Touchstone Pictures - 2004

In 1920 the asteroid 944 Hidalgo was discovered, whose orbit stretches between the orbits of Mars and Saturn. Hidalgo travels further from the sun (a = 5.8 AU) than any other asteroid. It moves in a plane inclined to the plane of the ecliptic at an angle of 42.5°. The aphelion of Hidalgo is approximately equal to the mean distance of Saturn to the sun.


Two Versions Of The official
Hidalgo Family Crest

HIDALGO family crest and coat of arms

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The official HIDALGO coat of arms / family crest

Download this image by clicking here

Fide Et Animus

The Latin phrase "Fide Et Animus," that usually accompanies the Hidalgo coat of arms, translated into English means "Faithful and Courageous."


An octagram - an eight pointed star

The eight pointed star (also known as the  octagram), part of the Hidalgo coat of arms, can symbolize many things:

1. The "Star Of Bethlehem" was always depicted and referred to as an eight pointed star.

2. The eight pointed star is the expression of the law of "Cause and Effect:"

  • "As you sow, so shall you reap."

  • "What goes around, comes around"

  • "The wheel of life"

  • "Karma,"

3. The eight pointed star represents "The Harvest."  It allows one to reap the seeds they have sown in the past, gain from their hard work on projects and benefit from learning.

4. Eight is the number of fate, destiny and justice.

5. The eight pointed star is deducted from two squares superimposed and 45 degrees off of each other.

6. All Baptismal fonts have eight corners.

7. The number 8 in China is considered auspicious, lucky and is associated with prosperity and wealth.


Mexican State of Hidalgo

The Mexican state of Hidalgo has 8,058 square miles (20,870 sq km) of land. Located in central Mexico, as of 1990 the population of the state of Hidalgo is 1,888,366. The capital of the state is the city of Pachuca de Soto. The Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range crosses the state which also has plains and fertile valleys in the southern and western areas. The lower valleys experience warm weather, temperate weather on the plateau and cold weather in the mountains. Farmland is covered with maguey, alfalfa, corn, sugarcane, and coffee. The state of Hidalgo is a leading national producer of silver, gold, copper, lead, iron, and sulfur. Other industries include cement, textile, automobile manufacturing and oil refining. The territory was occupied by the Toltec, the Chichimecs and Aztecs. The area now known as Hidalgo was conquered by the Spanish in 1530. Hidalgo became the separate Mexican state of Hidalgo in 1869.

Hidalgo State (Mexico) Flag
The official flag of the Mexican state of Hidalgo
Hidalgo State (Mexico) Coat Of Arms
Hidalgo State (Mexico) Coat Of Arms




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