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U. S. Armed Forces
U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard,
National Guard, Army Reserve, Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense

Click here to tell our troops you hope for their safe return!


Please consider the following:

You might know someone (as I do) who is actually in the middle east with the American armed forces.

One of the people I know, although just an acquaintance, is there and has been missing in action since March 21st 2003. He is listed on the Internet as such on several of the major media sites (cnn, cbs, abc...), so it's official.

The following link serves no purpose but to let the people who are in the middle east know that we are thinking about them and wish/pray (whatever) for their safe return.

Simply click here to tell them you care!

You don't have to agree with the current military situation to hope for someone's safe return.

Please consider signing the on-line form (name, city, state and country, THAT'S IT!) to show your concern for their safe return.


They're willing to give their lives...are you willing to give a few seconds to let them know you care?

Thanks for your time and consideration.


United States Air force -
United States Marine Corps -     Marine Corps -
United States Army -
United States Army Reserve -     Army Reserve -
United States Navy -
United States Coast Guard-     Coast Guard -
United States National Guard-     National Guard -
Veterans Affairs -     Veterans Affairs - VA.Gov
Department of Defense -     Dept. Of Defense -

Bring a piece of home to those willing to give their lives

USO - United Services Organization

  USO - (United Services Organization), made famous by Bob Hope, other celebrities and dignitaries - it's there to help the troops in many ways.  



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