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Official flag of the country of Afghanistan Afghanistan, Flag of Albania Albania, Flag of Algeria Algeria, Flag of American Samoa American Samoa (territory of U.S.A.), Andorra Andorra, Official flag of Angola Angola Anguilla Anguilla, Flag of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua (and Barbuda), Argentina Argentina, Armenia Armenia, Aruba Aruba,
Australia Australia, Austria Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas Bahamas, Flag of Bahrain Bahrain, Flag of Banladesh Bangladesh,
Flag of Barbados Barbados, Belarus Belarus, Belize Belize, Belgium Belgium, The flag for the country of Benin Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan Bhutan, Flag of Bolivia Bolivia,
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana Botswana, Brazil Brazil, Flag of British Indian Ocean Territory British Indian Ocean Territory (territory of U.K.), Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria Bulgaria, The flag for the country of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta), (Burma - see Myanmar), Flag of Cambodia Cambodia, Official flag of the country of Cameroon Cameroon, Canada Canada, Cayman Islands (territory of U.K.),
Official flag of the Central African Republic Central African Republic (formerly Ubangi-Shari), Official flag of the country of Chad Chad, Chile Chile, China, Flag of Christmas Island Christmas Island (territory of Australia), Cocos (Keeling) Islands (territory of Australia), Columbia Columbia,
Flag of Cook Islands Cook Islands (formerly Harvey Islands), Costa Rica Costa Rica, Flag of the Ivory Coast (Cote d' Ivoire) Cote d'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast), Croatia Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus Cyprus,Czech Republic Czech Republic, Denmark Denmark, Flag of Dominica Dominica,
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic, Ecuador Ecuador, Egypt, Official flag of the country of Eritrea Eritrea, El Salvador, Estonia Estonia, Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia, European Union Faroe Islands (territory of Denmark), Fiji, Finland Finland, France France,
French Polynesia (territory of France), Official flag of the country of Gabon Gabon, Official flag of the country of Gambia Gambia, Flag of Georgia, a former Soviet state Georgia (A Former Soviet State), Germany Germany, Flag of Ghana Ghana, Gibraltar (territory of U.K.), Greece Greece, The official flag of the country of Grenada Grenada
Flag of Guadeloupe Guadeloupe, Flag of Guam Guam (territory of U.S.A.), Guatamala Guatemala, Flag of Guinea Guinea, Flag of Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau (formerly Portuguese Guinea), Guyana Guyana, Official flag of the country of Haiti Haiti,
Flag of Heard and McDonald Islands Heard and McDonald Islands (territory of Australia) Flag of Honduras Honduras, Hong Kong Hong Kong (special administrative region of China), Hungary Hungary,
Iceland Iceland, India India, Indonesia Indonesia, Iran, Flag of Iraq Iraq, Ireland Ireland, Israel Israel, Italy Italy, Jamaica, Japan Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya Kenya, Flag of Kiribati Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands), Flag of North Korea Korea (North), Flag of South Korea Korea (South), Flag of Kuwait Kuwait,
Kyrgyzstan, The official flag of the country of Laos (Lao People's Democratic Republic) Lao People's Democratic Republic (formerly Laos), Latvia Lebanon Lebanon, Lesotho, Lithuania Lithuania, Luxembourg Luxembourg, Flag of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Libya (Arab Jamahiriya), Flag of Macau Macau (special administrative region of China), Macedonia,
Madagascar, The official flag of Malawi Malawi, Malaysia Malaysia, Maldives, The official flag of the country of Mali Mali, Malta, Official flag of the country of Marshall Islands Marshall Islands,
Flag for the country of Martinique Martinique (territory of France), Flag for the country of Mauritania Mauritania, Mauritius Mauritius, Mexico Mexico, Flag of Micronesia Micronesia (Ponape), Flag of Moldova Moldova, Flag of Monaco Monaco, Mongolian Flag Mongolia, Morocco, Flag of Mozambique Mozambique, Official flag of the country Myanmar (a.k.a. Burma) Myanmar (Burma) Flag of Namibia Namibia, Nepal Nepal, Netherlands Netherlands,
Flag of Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles (formerly Curacao - territory of the Netherlands), New Caledonia, New Zealand New Zealand, Nicaragua, Flag of Nigeria Nigeria, Niue,
Flag of Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands (commonwealth in political union with the U.S.A.), Norway Norway,
Oman, Pakistan Pakistan, Official flag of Palestine Palestine (occupied territory), Panama Panama, Papua New Guinea,
Paraguay, Peru Peru, Philippines Philippines, Poland Poland, Portugal Portugal, Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, Qatar,
Romania Romania, Russian Federation Russian Federation, Official flag of the country of Rwanda Rwanda Flag for Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts And Nevis, Flag of Saint Lucia Saint Lucia,
Official flag of the country of Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, Flag of Samoa Samoa, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Flag of Senegal Senegal, Serbia & Montenegro (Formerly Yugoslavia), Flag of Seychelles Seychelles, Official Flag Of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone, Singapore Singapore, Slovak Republic Slovak Republic (Slovakia), Slovenia Slovenia, South Africa South Africa, Spain Spain, Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, Flag of Sudan Sudan, Official flag of the country of Suriname Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden Sweden, Switzerland Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Official flag for the country of Tajikistan Tajikistan, Taiwan Taiwan,
Tanzania, Thailand Thailand (formerly Siam), Togo, Flag of Tonga Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad Tobago, The official flag of the country of Tunisia Tunisia,
Turkey Turkey, Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan,
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks (and Caicos) Islands (territory of U.K.), Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu,
Flag of Uganda Uganda, Ukraine Ukraine, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom United Kingdom,
United States Of America United States of America, Uruguay Uruguay, Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, The official flag for the country of Vanuatu Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides), Venezuela,
Vietnam Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Flag of Yemen Yemen, Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, Flag of Zambia Zambia and Zimbabwe.

(The countries listed above represent all pages on this site and not just the home page)


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