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Chris Czach Hidalgo
About this website's author (

The author of this site - Chris "Zach" Hidalgo

I'm the type of person who would rather:

take a picture than let life go by without so much as a glance
give a person the benefit-of-the-doubt than judge them
shake hands than argue
consider and create music than just be a listener
listen to someone than always do the talking
begin all over again than settle into mediocrity
wake up with the sun than sleep all day
draw, write or create something than becoming a couch potato
confess to being just as human as the next person

I grew up in Southern California (but please don't hold that against me ;-) and now live in Flagstaff, Arizona (which actually experiences all four seasons unlike Southern California--and I love that about this place).

I attended West Virginia University for one year and more recently Northern Arizona University where I plan on finishing my degree soon.

I have my federal licenses to be a financial advisor/planner but seriously hated that job, so now I am now a delivery driver for a local produce company.

Anyway, I'm now designing and maintaining websites (more for fun than profit) and work at the local ski resort as a lift operator for fundage.

Currently I'm working at a "" who's head-quarters is in Flagstaff, AZ.

I hope to be studying for my master's degree here at NAU after I graduate (if I graduate) and will be pursuing an emphasis in Computer Information Systems.

After that I hope to study for my doctorate while I work on my plan to change the world via the Internet (I have a secret plan that I could tell you about, but then I'd have to kill ya  ;-).

But seriously, I'm working on a plan to do just that which I totally and whole-heartedly expect will work, just watch.  Mark this day.

My interests are varied (to say the least) and numerous.  I play the classical guitar, the drums, love the outdoors (hiking, camping, rafting, biking, etc.), write music and fiction with some occasional non-fiction, do the egg-head thing (computers), like to brew my own beer, and do what it takes to keep in shape.

I, along with my twin brother, were taught by our parents to cook, sew, mop, do the laundry, mow the lawn,  clean the pool, and be as domestic as possible, so I enjoy riddlin' around the house doin' what needs to be done, just so it's a decent  place to chill.

I like to work with wood, stone and clay to make all sorts of handy dandy items for my personal use and for that of my friends.

I'm hoping to get a job as a journalist with some company like,, or the likes working on their websites.  Keep your fingers crossed, K?

I listen to virtually all kinds of music, and yes that includes rap and country.  Just as with any kind of music, there is stuff I don't especially like, but there's almost always several songs that I enjoy listening to from any genre.

The reason I listen to such a variety of music is because I believe art is to be taken for what it is and not for what (you or) I think it should be.  That would be discrimination and I don't like to encourage or practice such a selfish and limiting characteristic.

I really don't like to read much which is totally weird considering I want to be a journalist/author, I know.  I find it difficult to read something unless I know I'll like it a lot--but ADD probably has more to do with it than anything else.  You should see me on a sugar rush!

At least with music I can scan the song and usually decide whether it's something I want playing in the background.  With reading, sometimes I get three fourths of the way through the book and then realize I've wasted my time.

I hate wasting my time!

Anyway, if you've gotten this far and want to send me an email, for what ever reason, I'd be happy to respond.

Nunya business

Outside of that, thanx for visiting my website and don't forget to tell your friends about the site, K?




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